Distinct's research outcomes

In our end of project report you'll find material to support you and your institution in understanding more about distinctiveness.


This two year project has culminated in several ways of disseminating its findings:

  • a sell-out conference in June 2012
  • a collaboration with the LFHE's Top Management Programme
  • a series of workshops available to institutions, and a publication which summarises the project's research outcomes and case studies

Research outcomes report

This publication contains explanations of each stage of the Distinct Framework, and presents each of the nine case studies from both HE and other sectors.

It has been written with the following people in mind: Vice-Chancellors, senior management teams, Directors of Marketing and Communications, and Directors of Strategic Planning.

View report: Distinctiveness in Higher Education: Research outcomes and case studies

Order a hard copy

If you would like to order copies of this publication for you or your colleagues, please email your mail address to contact@distinct.ac.uk.

Topics: The case for change.