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Strong, effective leadership commitment is non-negotiable if you are to take on the process of identifying and articulating your distinctive identity; vision, change and commitment to an identity must be invested in by your institution's leadership if it is to have any success.

FGL for organisational development: Briefing note

This approach is an adaptation of Action Learning Sets to the setting of strategy development...

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It's lonely at the top

In the course of speaking with a number of VC’s I came across some ideas...

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Loughborough University: Leadership in a distinctive institution

Claim for distinctiveness: Commitment to excellence in all they do, influenced by sporting excellence and...

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Models of developmental support for VCs

 Soon to be released...


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Staff and student engagement: a strategic essential, not a dark art

A university’s potential just cannot be realised without genuine engagement and internal communication.


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The National Media Museum: Achieving a sense of common purpose

How a national museum established a clear understanding of its role and enabled all its...

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The unspoken messages of leadership

"We must be the change we wish to see."  - Mahatma Gandhi


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VCs' views on distinctiveness strategies

Survey reveals VCs' awareness that there is more work to do in the sector on...

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What does leadership look like in our universities?

In order for much of the activity at a university to work well, it has...

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