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The resources below form part of a growing toolkit that we are creating for the sector. The project continues until summer 2012, and the amount of resources available will continue to grow until then. If you see a gap for a resource, we'd love to hear your suggestions.

Analysing your institution by survey: Briefing note

This briefing note not only looks at why surveys might be useful but also at...

Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness.


Aren't we distinctive already?

Your HEI is - but the challenge lies in successfully identifying and articulating that distinctiveness....

Topics: The case for change.


Assessing your institution's position within the HE sector: Signposts

Overview of two main tools for rating your HEI within the sector.


Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness.


Beyond taglines

The utilisation of commercial marketing strategies and tools within HE is nothing new. Most universities now...

Topics: The case for change.


Brains Brewery: A positively different approach

"Branding is not just about advertising and marketing. To deliver a successful and identifiable brand,...

Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness, Case Studies, Beyond-HE Case Studies.


City University London: Starting on the journey

Communicating: Building an identity based on a combination of academic excellence, a central London location,...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness, Case Studies, HE Case Studies.



Communications directors: How to influence discussions on distinctiveness

A solid evidence-base is key. Perceptions research with 360 degree constituencies, that both identifies the...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.


Competing in a flawed market

Institutions must work with and embrace the new environment of competition if they are to...

Topics: The case for change.


Project now closed

This project is now finished and the content on the site is provided as an archive of the research.