Making your organisation's identity a reality

An organisation’s identity – which incorporates the vision and the values – has to be exemplified in what its people do, as well as what its leaders say.


To paraphrase the reflections of the chair of a major company: In talking to staff about strategy, what I’ve learned from painful experience is that you can’t assume that because you’ve said it a couple of times, or because you sent an email, or because you made sure everyone got a copy of the leaflet, that people – even if they have read it or heard it - have understood it or that they have taken it to heart and will work to make it true.

What this is

A company can spend a lot of time and money developing their company vision and values but then, effectively, throw that money away by failing to ensure that not only does everyone in the company know what those values are, but also know how to translate them into their everyday working life. This practitioners' guide includes a simple checklist of techniques which successful organisations beyond the sector use to embed their own identity amongst staff.

Why it's useful

Use the ideas gathered here as inspiration to develop your own ways of working.

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Topics: Guiding your internal decisions.

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