Eight keys to effective strategy communication

In a world that is fast moving and cluttered, and where it is sometimes easy to lose sight of our distinctiveness, clarity of communication becomes ever more important.  


 "Communicating our strategy continuously, consistently, and constantly, is essential to reinforce our distinctiveness and what sets us apart from the crowd. And this is not just about communicating one way; it is about engaging with the people we lead."

Contributed by David Willey, December 2011.

What this is

In this briefing note David Willey, Deputy VC for Bournemouth University, draws on “The CEO’s Strategy Handbook”, by Stuart Cross, to look at how key lessons on communicating strategy from the corporate world can be applied to institutions operating in the HE sector.

Stuart Cross is a consultant, coach and speaker who helps world class companies dramatically accelerate profit growth. His website is www.morgancross.co.uk. “The CEO’s Strategy Handbook” is published by Global Professional Publishing: www.gppbooks.com.

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David Willey is Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Bournemouth University, and leads the implementation and delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan.

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Topics: Guiding your internal decisions.

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