The Distinct Framework:

Finding your organisation's 'Big Idea'; the overriding story you want to be known for from all the facts, research and different stories people have told.



Our research has shown that there are five key elements of a journey towards a distinctive identity. We have encapsulated this into 'The Distinct Framework' - a tool for institutions to use in planning and implementing work towards distinctiveness.

The resources available to download here, set out a roadmap for institutions seeking to be memorable, authentic, and to clearly articulate what they have to offer. The overview worksheet summarises the process and within the briefing note you will find practical guidance on how to run a workshop to uncover and galvanise your organisation around one core, 'big idea'.

PDFiconThe Distinct Framework: an overview (PDF 69 KB)

PDFiconThe Distinct Framework: briefing note (PDF 138 KB)

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Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness.

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PDFiconThe Distinct Framework: an overview PDF 69 KB

PDFiconThe Distinct Framework: a briefing note, 183 KB

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