Ten rules for successful distinctiveness strategies

"The marketisation of HE is now an inexorable and undeniable fact of life. Universities, whether they like it or not, are in competition for the business and the investment decisions of students, and other groups, as customers." Mike Boxall.


In this, the first in a series of short audio slideshows, Mike Boxall argues that there is a misconception in the discussion about differentiation and identity in Higher Education: that it's predominantly about distinguishing universities from each other, when the comparisons that matter may well be quite different. And that the differentiation of universities, and the success of their identity, will be decided outside of the academy, by the market place and customers, not by the universities themselves. Mike shares ten rules for putting this into practice using 'outside-in' distinctiveness strategies.

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Mike Boxall leads PA Consulting Group's work in higher education.

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Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness.