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To be sure that your audience knows what you stand for, you must exemplify it and tell them about it over and over again. This requires a memorable, engaging articulation of what you stand for; and one that you will be able to use for many years to come.


City University London: Starting on the journey

Communicating: Building an identity based on a combination of academic excellence, a central London location,...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness, Case Studies, HE Case Studies.


Communications directors: How to influence discussions on distinctiveness

A solid evidence-base is key. Perceptions research with 360 degree constituencies, that both identifies the...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.



Does the recruitment promise match reality for students?

As we have seen, an effective distinctive position is one that is real, rare and...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.


Finding the hook

Understanding the various audiences you want to engage is key to unearthing your organisation's distinctiveness;...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.


Going Public in HE

Telling the world what your institution has to offer probably feels like a bread-and-butter activity...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.


Keep communications clear and simple

To ensure that what you meant to express is what your audience hears, it’s worth...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.


Reputation and reality

In the age of social and digital media, managing the reputation of your organisation is...

Topics: Communicating your distinctiveness.


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