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Articulating what you have to offer coherently, and knowing how relevant that is to your market, is not marketing gloss; it enables you to tell your audience what your institution's strengths are. The strategic drivers that might lead you to undertake that task are many and varied - we examine those here.


Aren't we distinctive already?

Your HEI is - but the challenge lies in successfully identifying and articulating that distinctiveness....

Topics: The case for change.

Beyond taglines

The utilisation of commercial marketing strategies and tools within HE is nothing new. Most universities now...

Topics: The case for change.


Competing in a flawed market

Institutions must work with and embrace the new environment of competition if they are to...

Topics: The case for change.



Distinct's research outcomes

In our end of project report you'll find material to support you and your institution...

Topics: The case for change.


Giving your audience a reason

It doesn’t matter if you are excellent on a whole range of attributes, if those...

Topics: The case for change.


Mission statement exercise: Briefing note

All too often, mission statements end up as a generic statement of what a university...

Topics: The case for change.


The bigger picture: what will the HE sector look like in the years ahead?

When an institution is reviewing its distinctiveness, one of the important sources of evidence to...

Topics: The case for change.


University of Leicester: Stories that communicate a distinctive identity

Claim for distinctiveness: A research intensive university which seeks to excel in both research and...

Topics: The case for change, Case Studies, HE Case Studies.


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