Perception audits

A truly comprehensive perception audit can generate information that is invaluable, as a university or college works through the Distinct Framework. In this Practitioners' Guide we look at when and how to conduct a perception audit.


What this is

The Distinct Framework highlights the importance of drawing together information about your institution – not just ‘hard’ facts and figures, but also ‘soft’ data that reveals impressions and attitudes that key audiences have about you. In an ideal world, these views will match the reality that you are working to deliver. But the only way to know whether or not this is the case is to ask your stakeholders and, to do this effectively, the process – often called a perception audit - needs to be carefully planned and implemented.

Here, drawing on the experience of two 2011 audits (conducted for the University of Bradford and for Oxford Brookes University), we consider when and how to collect information on the way that others see your university or college.

Why it's useful

Discover when and how to conduct a perception audit.

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Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness.

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