University of Leicester: Stories that communicate a distinctive identity

Claim for distinctiveness: A research intensive university which seeks to excel in both research and teaching and sees the two as synergistic, delivered in an inclusive academic culture – ‘Elite without being elitist’



THE VC’S VIEW: “At Leicester we don’t just say that we do very good research and very good teaching – one informs the other. It's core to our mission. I remember in the discussions we had when we approved our mission statement; we said, it’s not enough to just be good at one of these – we’re good at both of them. “At the same time, we are an inclusive university – the only top-20 university in the UK that meets and exceeds its benchmarks for the proportion of students who come here from state schools and the proportion of students who are admitted to the university from social classes III-manual, IV and V. We are very committed to working with those students and we are enthusiastic about making it clear that that is one of our core purposes. People say we're a friendly university. You can't make that the primary proposition, but it’s definitely part of the proposition. It fits with the promise behind ‘elite without being elitist’ and it’s part of being situated in a vibrant, multicultural city. It all speaks of inclusiveness.”

In this case study discover:

  • How did they work towards their distinctive identity?
  • What do they learn?
  • How do they know it's working?

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Topics: The case for change, Case Studies, HE Case Studies.

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