Brains Brewery: A positively different approach

"Branding is not just about advertising and marketing. To deliver a successful and identifiable brand, employee understanding and buy-in is vital." John Rhys, Chairman of Brains.


In this case study, hear how a brewery and pub company transformed its reputation and performance by conducting a comprehensive review of the way it was perceived, articulating a new vision of what it stood for and engaging its staff, trade customers and consumers with a motivating new visual identity and marketing campaign.

In this case study:

  • Extensive research with both internal and external audiences was key to the success of the company’s change programme and to monitoring progress against its defined vision and brand values.
  • The response of the company’s leadership to the negative aspects of the research findings was not to evade or justify them, but to listen and respond proactively to them.
  • The research was coupled with creative insight to produce an engaging brand and marketing campaign that motivates staff, trade customers and consumers.

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Topics: Establishing your distinctiveness, Case Studies, Beyond-HE Case Studies.

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PDFiconBrains Brewery: a positively different approach to transforming a brand’s reputation and company’s performance, 247 KB

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