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Here at Distinct we have structured our resources in order to support you in getting straight to what you need. Our resource categories, below, correspond to the areas of activity involved in the journey towards a distinctive identity.

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  • The case for change – Articulating what you have to offer coherently, and knowing how relevant that is to your market, is not marketing gloss; it enables you to tell your audience what your institution's strengths are. The strategic drivers that might lead you to undertake that task are many and varied - we examine those here.
  • Establishing your distinctiveness – To arrive at a distinctive identity which is authentic, rare, and of value, you must uncover the evidence for what you are, and discover what people think of you. This takes time, but getting it right is invaluable.
  • Guiding your internal decisions – Truly embedding your distinctive strategy and vision in everything you do will happen only if the organisation 'lives and breathes' it from the top down; not just through constant communication, but by reviewing all internal strategies to bring them in line with the identity you wish to convey.
  • Communicating your distinctiveness – To be sure that your audience knows what you stand for, you must exemplify it and tell them about it over and over again. This requires a memorable, engaging articulation of what you stand for; and one that you will be able to use for many years to come.
  • Leadership – Strong, effective leadership commitment is non-negotiable if you are to take on the process of identifying and articulating your distinctive identity; vision, change and commitment to an identity must be invested in by your institution's leadership if it is to have any success.

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Project now closed

This project is now finished and the content on the site is provided as an archive of the research.